Our Story

We always were passionate about both streetwear and anime culture. In Switzerland (the country we're based in) we noticed a lack of representation for anime-inspired fashion and we grew tired of always ordering our clothes from overseas. So, we decided to bring our passions together and create an anime streetwear brand and put our own stamp on it.

We spent countless hours researching and developing our vintage designs, carefully incorporating elements from our favorite anime shows into stylish and trendy streetwear pieces. We also put a lot of effort into sourcing the materials and finding the right production partners to bring our vision to life.

As of now, we're already creating the designs for our next drop and are on the hunt for a manufacturer that is up to our standards for (spoiler alert) gym clothes and even equipment maybe. We see a big overlap in those two cultures and we are aware of the +10% strength boost that our anime shirts are offering while lifting heavy weights.

Long story short: We are hyped for the future of this brand and can't wait for interactions with all kinds of people that follow our story.